Cimquest training classes

Cimquest has a good assortment of training classes coming up in 2016. If your New Year’s resolution is to learn more about Mastercam or 3D printing then you are in luck. Now is the time to block off your schedule and sign up for a class or two.

Some of our upcoming classes include:

Mastercam Mill 3 Axis
in CT on January 5-7
in PA, January 11-13
Learn to create and edit complex surfaces and curves, and then machine them using a variety of efficient toolpaths. Single and multiple surface machining is discussed. Other topics include pencil tracing, gap settings, tool boundaries, and drive surfaces.

Mastercam Mill Essentials

in NJ on January 11-14
Our Instructor will mentor you in the basics of Mastercam icon functions, geometry and tool path creation that will lead to you to programming many different parts from start to finish. You will learn the foundational principles of basic 2½ axis tool paths and build upon them by programming many real world examples to develop your abilities. You will be able to create and work with basic 2D wireframe and then import and manipulate Solid models for tool path creation in drilling cycles, advanced pocketing, helical entry and the use of dynamic milling. Last you will be able to program rotary axis substitution and index units.

Mastercam Wire
in MA on January 11-13
Learn the basics of the Mastercam CAD and drafting tools, as well as the tools and techniques specific to creating and managing efficient wirepaths. 2-axis contour and 4-axis synchronization, multiple contour, custom lead-in and lead-out, tab creation, and verification are some of the subjects discussed.

Mastercam Lathe Essentials
In MA on January 14-15
in NJ on January 21-22
Learn Mastercam tools and techniques specific to CNC lathe operations. Get in-depth information regarding lathe toolpaths, including facing and grooving operations, stock transfer, and C-axis machining. Learn how to use lathe tool libraries, create new tools, and use those tools to quickly and accurately turn new components.

Mastercam Mill 5-axis
in MA on January 21-22
Learn simultaneous 4 & 5 axis machining operations, including flowline and swarf toolpaths, multi-surface techniques, and 5 axis drilling.

Mastercam Posts Course
in NJ on January 21-22
Learn how to create and edit post processors in order to customize G-code output for your specific machines.

Fortus Insight Training
in NJ on January 25-26
The Insight training course teaches you how to export/import a quality stl model, process it for printing, and customize the printing tool paths to get specific results. For the large format machines it covers operation and basic maintenance of the machine.

Fortus Operator Training 
in NJ on January 27
This class will teach you the foundation operations and maintenance procedures for the Fortus line of 3D Printing Systems including Fortus 250, 360, 380, 400, 450 and 900.

For more in-depth information on any of these classes and to register, please click the button below.