Mastercam and Andrew Crowe recently provided resources to students at Benjamin Franklin High School to start an advanced manufacturing program.

(A reprint from Modern Machine Shop.)

Mastercam Helps High School Establish Manufacturing Program

Andrew Crowe (left) and Yolexis Lima (second from right) from Mastercam reseller Cimquest show students at Ben Franklin High School the features of Mastercam CAD/CAM software. Photo Credit: Mastercam

Mastercam and Andrew Crowe, founder of the New American Manufacturing Renaissance, recently presented Benjamin Franklin High School with software, equipment and guidance to establish an advanced manufacturing program. This will enable students to receive the advanced training required to enter the manufacturing field after graduating high school.

Andrew Crowe shared his story and his vision with students to connect them to the opportunities available in a career in advanced manufacturing. Mastercam provided the school with Mastercam software, training resources, and equipment to help the students develop manufacturing skills. These resources will enable the students at Benjamin Franklin High School to fill this manufacturing skills gap in the years to come.

“Andrew Crowe will help the students understand the infinite number of opportunities to work as machinists, engineers, designers and more by learning to use the valuable tools now available at Benjamin Franklin High School,” says Laura Hood, chief administrative officer at Mastercam. “Helping Benjamin Franklin develop this advanced manufacturing program means we will help inspire the next generation of makers and innovators to seek a career in manufacturing.”